EcoSan Solutions is Keeping Insects Out of Homes in Spring

Wednesday 2 October 2019, 10:57PM
By Beckie Wright

Auckland’s favourite pest control specialists are breaking out the big guns for the change of seasons, as Spring always promises to drive insects indoors. Even urban Kiwis live amongst nature, and that can present a problem when spiders, mosquitos and cockroaches decide to make themselves known. So, EcoSan is making sure to keep Auckland homes pest-free by installing preventative measures, and tackling existing pest problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

While cockroaches spend most of their time outside in the warmer months, they have been known to nest indoors, and that can mean a problem for homeowners. Aside from their unsightly presence due to their large size, cockroaches also present a health hazard. They resist direct sunlight, often seeking out shady, warm, humid areas to rest in; this could mean your pantry, your bathroom, or under your deck.

Once there is an established nest, they can be hard to get rid of, which is why having a company for bug control in Auckland on speed dial is important. EcoSan gets rid of the entire infestation first time in almost every resident they visit, only needing to return one more time about 10% of the time.

Spiders are also very happy to make their homes indoors, as the natural light and temperate conditions is the perfect place for moths and flies—their food—to thrive in large numbers. Getting rid of spiders means sweeping an entire house to check for webs, as well as keeping an eye out for white tails that may have been carried inside.

If you are in need of spring-time pest control services, or if you are interested in having a carpet cleaning done for the spring clean, follow the link below to EcoSan Solutions.