Jenlogix Announces New Generation of Crystal-based Seismometers

Tuesday 15 October 2019, 12:46PM
By Beckie Wright

Jenlogix is pleased to announce the availability of the new generation of crystal-based seismometers, the Palert220.  This new type of device is more sensitive than traditional MEMS based sensors and is comparable with many high end/high priced/high maintenance traditional force balance units.

When monitoring large structures for wind effects, as well as the effect of nearby construction, demolition or even heavy traffic, high sensitivity is required to ensure correct assessment. The Palert 220 can provide this level of sensitivity at an affordable price.

Like other Palert devices, the unit can also be used for structural health monitoring, seismic measurements, vibration control and motion analysis. Also, as with other Palert devices, the Palert 220 is calibrated in an international test lab. The benefit is that it does not need re-calibration, saving on the regular need to use expensive calibration engineers.

As one of the new generation of accelerometers using crystal technology, the Palert 220 provides a simple solution to sensitive monitoring.  The Palert 220 is also an ideal unit for seismic research, since being a crystal sensor, it requires no ongoing calibration yet has the sensitivity required for detailed analysis. Tall buildings require this extra sensitivity of a Palert 220 to ensure that the wind vibration does not cause any issue with occupants.

Data is also sent directly to the cloud for analysis and allows for engineers to see remotely the issues so they can provide a plan of action accordingly. Onsite benefits include immediate vibration warning, real time value display on LCD, connecting to a Signal Tower to show warning and maintaining a safe working and living environment. Offsite benefits include reporting via web browser of details, Palert 220 push messages from the unit and enabling the engineer to alter work accordingly.

Unlike an earthquake which transmits the vibrations from the ground up, the Palert 220 can effectively monitor the effect of even the smallest of breezes on a building. This information in turn can assist in providing a comfortable environment for the occupants.

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