Agent Finder Advise On Finding Out How Much Your Home is Worth

Monday 11 November 2019, 6:59PM
By Beckie Wright

There are three main options available to establish how much your home or investment property is worth, to enable you to sell your house quickly: real estate appraisal, valuation and algorithm. With an appraisal, your real estate agent’s comparative market analysis (CMA) is provided free when selling your house. However, regardless of the appraisal value, leave no stone unturned that might help add value to your house sale price. For example there ways that help to sell your house for more by helping your agent to attract multiple offers. 

You can get a full valuation by a registered valuer who visits and inspects your house and land to determine what it is worth by taking everything into account such as chattels, improvements made or quality of the grounds.

Regardoing algorithms, there is an on line algorithm software programme that uses combination data to establish a home's value. Agent Finder say this is the least reliable way of establishing a value for the purpose of establishing a sale price if you are intending to sell your house or insuring. Valuation algorithms for the same property have been known to differ by over a hundred thousand dollars.

Agent Finder issue a word of warning is that you need to be clear about what you are actually wanting because the qualifications of licensed valuers and licensed real estate agents are very different and so too, will their processes used to determine how much your home is worth. 

The best way to establish authenticity is whether you can find information about property valuations or an 'about us' on their website. If not, then it's likely to be a real estate agent. If you can't see a website to click from their contact with you, it is unlikely going to provide what you are looking for.

Agent Finder have seen this approach coming from real estate agents disguising themselves as a valuation service and offering a free property valuation. This is not the same as having appraisal information on their website as part of their professional service, it is more deceitful, so to find out more about property agents Auckland please go to .