Likeable Lab Reinforces the Value of Content Calendars in Digital Content Marketing

Wednesday 13 November 2019, 6:49PM
By Beckie Wright

Likeable Lab, a leader in digital content marketing, is encouraging New Zealand businesses to make a content calendar a part of their larger social media strategy.

The social media experts at Likeable Lab are sharing these insights as part of their commitment to help local businesses utilise social media channels more effectively to build relationships with their customers.

Content calendars serve a variety of functions in the digital marketing process. First, they encourage businesses to plan ahead and consider special days, seasons and times that could pose beneficial marketing opportunities.

Additionally, content calendars can be shared between content writers, designers and digital strategists, encouraging collaboration and inviting teamwork.

Content calendars make planning social media posts, ads, events and other promotions simple, easy and accessible, and help to keep the entire team on track.

Having mapped months’ worth of social media content, businesses can more effectively integrate their social media presence into their larger marketing strategy. Finally, upon completion of the content calendar, teams can look back on their posts and better understand what worked and what didn’t.

The social media pros at Likeable Lab function as the content marketing division of their clients’ businesses, managing social media content with an ROI-driven approach and a knack for cultivating engaging brand identities.

Their commitment to social media marketing is reflected in the experience and excitement brought to every project by their dynamic team.

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