Zen Detox See a lot of Alcohol Harm in Older People in NZ

Tuesday 19 November 2019, 4:51PM
By Beckie Wright

New Zealand has the second highest number of age 50+ drinkers compared with eight other countries, second only to the United Kingdom, and coming up to the so called ‘silly season’, Zen Detox are gearing up their admission process so that families can take back control of their loved ones with addiction treatment assessments before the holiday period begins.

The good news is that Zen’s admission process can generally be very quick, often over the course of only a few days, their warm, safe, home-like centre in Rodney District, Auckland furnishes a supportive and stress-free environment vital to recovery, with the comforts of home that sets them apart from your traditional public drug and alcohol rehab.

Zen have found there is a lot of alcohol harm among older adults in New Zealand, and there are lots of concerning statistics around older adult hazardous drinkers in this country. The numbers and harm are climbing, and in New Zealand one in five adult male deaths can be attributed to alcohol, a shocking indictment on  alcohol dependence in this country.

Zen suspect the stigma for older problematic drinkers may be much higher too as they get a lot of enquiries from adult children desperate to find help for their mother’s or father’s drinking, and the parent not open to talking about it or unable to consider accepting support. Zen says there appears to be a difficulty getting people to come in for a visit to view their centre, possibly due to their ideas of what rehab looks like, yet for those who do agree to visit they always walk away with a sense of hope, and feeling more open to residential treatment. 

Zen offers an insight on how close family members deal with a loved one struggling with addiction and living in recovery, and together their team work side by side to provide a holistic treatment, guided by the wisdom of their own personal experiences and latest medical research to pave the way for a total recovery, so for more information on health retreats NZ, please go to .