Power Bank Maintenance Tips

Wednesday 20 November 2019, 1:52PM
By Jason Patel

At a glance, using a power bank is as easy as it comes. Besides the tedious task of finding a good deal, all you need to do is connect it to your device via a micro USB slot to receive a charge. An LED indicator on the power bank will show the remaining charging capacity of the power bank. When this charging level depletes to its minimum level, it means you need to charge the power bank.

However, there are several ways by which you can significantly increase the efficiency and longevity of the power bank. So, to make the most of your power bank, here are some essential tips that you should look forward to. 

1. Charge it before first use

Before the first use, make sure you charge your new power bank to the fullest. Not only this step is recommended by the manufacturers but is also known to set a battery time for the new power bank. Battery timing means the power bank calculates the total time required for complete charging. It can later influence the time needed to charge and discharge the power bank.

Also, the newly purchased power banks are charged only half so you might want to complete the gap. However, make sure not to overcharge it as that can harm the device.

2. Keep at a moderate temperature

The lithium battery used in power banks performs best when kept at room temperature. They should not be subjected to excessive heat or cold environments. Also, avoid placing them in vehicles as in summer the bright sun can cause the interior to warm excessively up to 50 centigrade. 

Similarly, in the winter, the temperature inside the car can drop significantly. Both the conditions are not suitable for the health of the power bank. Therefore, always try to place them at a moderate temperature.

3. Protect from moisture

Being an electronic device, power banks must always be kept away from water and moisture. Therefore, keep your power bank dry all the time. A small amount of water or significant moisture can damage the power bank. Avoid using them in open when raining. 

4. Keep away from metal objects

Although to enable the power supply, power banks have buttons embedded on it that need to be pressed. However, the chance of short-circuiting is always there especially when the power bank is in direct contact with metal objects. Therefore be careful and make sure not to place them with metal objects with a possibility of short-circuiting. 

5. Avoid dropping it

Power banks use circuit boards along with a battery and therefore, should be handled with care like any other electronic device. Dropping them with a bang can cause damage. Also, never dispose of them in the fire as the lithium battery can explode. 


Final Words

A power bank will benefit as a long-term investment due to its durability and flexible use. It allows you to charge your portable device wherever you like even when you are traveling. Therefore, you might want to keep your power bank in a well-working condition. Hopefully, these simple tips will increase the longevity of your power bank and let you enjoy more.