Mist NZ Commissions ISO 7 Cleanroom, Launches Sample and Value Packs

Friday 29 November 2019, 2:47PM
By Beckie Wright

Mist NZ are currently changing suppliers of their vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and nicotine, for their best vape juice to New Zealand's very own Lion Labs . Lion Labs have invested heavily in plant and equipment to establish New Zealand’s premier e-liquid manufacturing facility. They have developed their production system to ensure that the manufacture, packaging and distribution of the e-liquids produced meet the highest standards. They aim to eliminate any contamination, and provide reliable and consistent production with accurate tracking and accountability.

Mist NZ offers over 30 flavours of fruit flavoured e-juice, all manufactured in its newly commissioned ISO 7 cleanroom, with limited edition e-juices on sale throughout the year, as well as their standard fruity and sweet flavours.

Owner, Morgan Pritchard said “We are excited to offer sample and value packs, these are a great way for new vapers to decide which e-liquid will suit their taste best when converting from cigarettes. They also offer the freedom to mix and match flavours and select three options for PG/VG ratios, so they can help create your perfect personalised e-liquid”. Mr Pritchard expected the value pack to be a hit with experienced vapers as they are ‘highly cost-effective’.”

Mist NZ is dedicated to providing premium e-liquids with the highest level of dedication to health and safety. Mist NZ carefully store all their products and ingredients in an isolated environment where they monitor humidity, temperature, and room pressure, alongside other vital factors, to ensure its quality e-liquids are never compromised. Mist NZ ensure that all of the ingredients in their e-liquids are responsibly sourced within New Zealand and the United States, and are certified USP grade.

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