James Group Partners with Property Tech Company Jasper to launch its first offer

Tuesday 3 December 2019, 1:00PM
By Beckie Wright

Jasper is a digital platform for commercial real estate investing, providing access to high-quality investment opportunities with low minimums, low fees, complete transparency, and liquidity. Commercial property specialist James Group is  Jasper ‘s inaugural operating partner,  helping bring its first offer to market, and in doing so helped revolutionise the commercial property investment environment.

Established in 2012, James Group is a family owned and operated real estate company. They specialise in the sales, leasing and property management of commercial and industrial property across Auckland.

“For too long commercial property investment in this country has been dominated by a small pool of high net worth individuals. Many Kiwis who are keen to build a commercial property portfolio have lacked efficient access to this asset class” said a spokesman for James Group. “Jasper’s value proposition is far superior to that of existing options, and will — like other digital marketplaces, disrupt less efficient traditional incumbents. James Group is proud to be an operating partner with this exciting new initiative”  he continued.

The first property went live on the platform on the 14th November 2019, and was fully subscribed within 48 hours. James Group has taken a 10% equity ownership stake in this property and manages the property on a day to day basis.

As an operating partner, James Group can now use Jasper as their go to capital partner, allowing them to take an equity stake in the properties they manage, helping them grow revenue through syndication related fees, and helping accelerate the growth of their property management business.

For more information, visit James Group can be contacted on +64 9 253 9330 or