US Global Tax Stress the Importance of Tax Planning

Tuesday 3 December 2019, 6:48PM
By Beckie Wright

US Global Tax Ltd is an expatriate tax practice, specialising in US tax compliance. Assisting thousands of US citizens over the years, their firm has become known for its expertise in the field of both Australian – US and NZ – US taxation. They have combined staff experience of more than 20 years of specialist US expatriate taxation, assisting a client base from students with limited income up to multi-national corporations.

US Global Tax assist not just expats from the US with their tax needs, but also New Zealand and Australian citizens who have moved, or are considering a move to the US. In many cases, the question of whether tax is owing to the US (or refundable) is dependent on the specific tax treaty in place between the US and your country of residence. This requires an expert understanding of both the tax treaty and the local tax system (Australian or NZ). In many cases, complex tax treaty disclosures need to be made as part of a tax return filing, which is something they are well versed in.

Many people don’t realise that any individual with US income or investments may have an obligation to file a US tax return, regardless of their citizenship, and US Global Tax are able to assist in all non-resident tax issues, related to the US. They recommend that it is important to make those changes now, to avoid problems carrying on into the new tax year.

Unique amongst accounting firms in New Zealand and Australia, US Global Tax are able to offer a direct IRS payment service from your NZ or Australian bank account (or other countries). This service enables easy, smooth transactions to the IRS, with zero transaction fees. In addition, preferential exchange rates are made available to US Global Tax clients, for up to 55 different currencies.

This unique partnership gives US Global Tax clients flexibility, and ease of service unparalleled in Australia and New Zealand, so for more information on FATCA NZ, non-residents of the USA, doing business in the USA and withdrawal of US-based pensions please go to .