Midas NZ Peace of Mind Vehicle Servicing Important Before Holiday Travels

Thursday 5 December 2019, 9:10PM
By Beckie Wright

At no other time during the year are more cars on the road in New Zealand than during the Christmas holiday. That’s why Midas NZ, one of the most trusted names in New Zealand automotive repair, is reminding drivers to contribute to the safety of New Zealand roads by booking in a Midas Peace of Mind Vehicle Service Inspections before holiday travel kicks into high gear.

Midas NZ believes in the value of proactive automotive maintenance. By regularly servicing their cars, SUVs, utes, or vans, motorists can enjoy a longer, trouble-free life for their vehicles, risking fewer highway breakdowns and keeping fellow motorists safer. Midas NZ offers various service packages, from Basic to Smart, to Premium, designed to address key maintenance areas of any vehicle and offer flexible options for motorists on a budget.

The services addressed by a Midas NZ Peace of Mind Service Inspection are simple but effective at limiting the risk of expensive breakdowns. These areas include tyre rotation and pressure check, fluid levels check, lubrication checks, a simple oil change and injector-cleaning fuel additive, and an engine management system scan.

Established in 1988, Midas NZ has been trusted by countless motorists to ensure vehicles are reliable and safe. Their experienced mechanics offer intricate awareness of the NZ driving experience and thorough knowledge of every make and model on New Zealand’s roads. With dozens of locations throughout the country, every Midas NZ is locally owned and operated, supporting their local communities and investing in the safety of their customers.

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