Likeable Lab Finds Social Media Inspiration in Rugby

Monday 9 December 2019, 2:58PM
By Beckie Wright

Likeable Lab likens social media marketing to a good game of rugby, finding truth in the saying ‘you are only as good as your last game’.

For the social media marketing agency, the game a company plays on social media is not far from how a team plays rugby. The goal is to score as many points as possible, but it does not happen solely due to luck and charm.

According to Likeable Lab, amazing content does not stem from a single person. Rather, many heads should come together to come up with ideas and produce content that gets results. Good teamwork ultimately transforms great content into great conversions.

Applying a tactic that is suitable for a brand is equally as important. Just like in rugby, there are tactics that benefit the specific strengths of a team.

In social media, companies must also understand that it is not just about having an online presence or being an active user - they must also be clear about the key messages they are sending.

With countless pieces of content posted every day, it is easy to not put much thought into every post. However, Likeable Lab reminds companies to build a bigger picture of their brands so that their competitors will not be able to take possession of the ‘ball’ (audience).

Another challenge in social media is the algorithms that have created an environment in which organic reach stands little to no chance of reaching a target market. That is why companies should consider putting a budget on advertising spend to increase the chances of raking in a bigger audience.

Lastly, Likeable Lab reminds businesses that as social media is constantly evolving, they must not be scared to get in the game. The only true way to learn is to tackle every challenge that comes their way.

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