Facebook: A Window into Competitors' Strategies, Says Likeable Lab

Monday 9 December 2019, 3:03PM
By Beckie Wright

Likeable Lab has some unique advice for businesses hoping to level up their Facebook marketing, and go for the shorter route.

The social media agency suggests ‘Facestalking’ - the act of intently following a competitor’s Facebook pages, not to imitate their content but to determine which of their competitor’s

Facebook posts generate the most engagement and learn from them. One way Likeable Lab considers this useful is that brands can add their own twist or perspective to the strategies that prove to be a hit for their competitors.

It’s a way for brands to create their own engaging Facebook posts, tailored to suit their brand and audience. Refraining from just copying and imitating, this strategy encourages a company’s resourcefulness and inventiveness – sharpening the skills of social media strategists, as they make an effective idea their own.

Rather than following each page individually, brands can opt to set up their Facebook in a way that allows them to see all the best updates from their competitors in one place.

Likeable Lab instructs brands to list their main competitors and visit those pages and ‘Like’ them. The last step is to switch and use Facebook as a page. Then, users just have to click on the drop-down arrow and choose the page name, then go back to the home page to start seeing the posts.

Likeable Lab says to repeat the last two steps when using Facebook as a useful tool for inspiration. To change back to normal viewing, users can just click on the dropdown and select their name.

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