Classic Builders Offer A Guide to Building Consents in New Zealand

Monday 9 December 2019, 4:25PM
By Beckie Wright

A building consent is an essential part of the building process, and the associated red tape can be a lot of stress for first timers building their own home to deal with. Classic Builders’ experienced team handles consent documentation that accompanies a home build, in a very professional manner, and they offer it as part of their service. The following is a guide to everything you need to know about acquiring a building consent, and some of the pitfalls you can avoid when you engage a professional team of residential house builders.

There are several consents that need to be awarded to you by your local council while going through a home build or house and land package, and the building consent is one of them. Once you have all of your building plans drawn up, you hand them over along with various required consent documentation to your council for an assessment against the building code. If they find no issues with it, they will issue a formal consent for you to build, on the assumption that the finished result will be the same as what was specified in the plans they received.

However, if your specifications aren’t up to council standards, you’ll be denied consent and won’t be able to continue with construction until the issues are resolved. An experienced builder will be well-versed in the local council standards and will help ensure your plan lines up to these standards.

Each council also has its own procedure for evaluation—which you can check on your local council’s website—so you must work with your building team to make sure all your paperwork is properly squared away. Ultimately, you must provide all of the building documentation associated with your home, as well as the completed consent application provided by your council.

It’s best to get a professional to help you navigate all the hoops, and the team at Classic Builders will happily liaise with both you and your local council to get the building consent for your home. When you work with their team you’ll be working with a diverse range of construction and design experts who will all contribute to bringing the building plans up to the expected standard.

They are all familiar with Building Code stipulations (this is the legislation the council compares your plans to when debating their approval), so by handing the task over to the Classic Builders team, they will hasten the process by ensuring no resubmissions or problems hinder construction progress, and for more information on show homes Auckland please go to .