Biggest Jackpots in Online Gambling

Wednesday 25 December 2019, 4:52AM
By iCasinoReviews

Casinos have moved online, and the software developers are also not resting; this is evident by the fact they are producing more games daily that can earn individuals from all around the massive world amounts more than their minds can bear. Irrespective of the country you might be present in, there is a jackpot point that is just fit for you. Various exciting games offer bonuses and jackpot point for multiple individuals in different continents. Some of these will be pointed out in this article to be able to stimulate the interest of gamers in real money online gambling and to show them the extent to which they can win and win big.


Casino Players Success Stories

New Zealand Player Gets an NZ$10,144,395 Jackpot

This is one big one from the popular game of Mega Moolah. Rawiri Pou, while playing the progressive slot game in 2016, won this massive amount, which is equivalent to $7.4 million. He, of course, would not have been expecting it, but from the consistent playing of the game and steadily understanding the tactics, he won himself a jackpot prize, which is definitely worth a fortune.

Australian Player brings home AU$10,423,223

Another millionaire worthy of mentioning is an anonymous Australian player that made a fortune from playing casino games in the year 2016. Spin Palace was the casino, and the unique Microgaming slot game, Dark Knight, was the slot game that earned this lucky individual this million dollar. This has then improved online gaming, generally in Australia.

Greek Player lands €6.3 million Jackpot Payout

This is another exciting win and by far the greatest jackpot payout in the history of Microgaming casino. This happened in March 2008, when a 36-year old Greek businessman was playing the slot game at River Belle Casino. The win has also prompted lots of developers and individuals to put more energy into creating exciting slot games and even online casinos for individuals to enjoy more and win bigger.

Swedish Player takes €7.6 million in Online Slots

Women have also been known to make a remarkable history in online casino gaming, and one of the notable ones is the Swedish woman who made it big from NetEnt Casino. The woman played on €50 from the Hall of Gods slot machine and made the massive win. She has made fame for herself and her family since then, and it was recorded that she got a beautiful car and became famous since that time.

A player wins €7.82 million at online slot machines

In 2015, another anonymous player made it big from playing the Hall of Gods at Betsson casino. Even though the Player has chosen to stay anonymous about age, gender, and location, it was confirmed by the casino, and this means that the individual has been able to make it happen.

Mega Moolah is right with €8.57 million jackpot

Mega Moolah made the massive winning possible in 2015 when Alexander from Sweden hit the mega-million. This is one of the greatest winnings in the history of NetEnt, and this had also geared more people to migrate online and to enjoy the Mega Moolah game more than any other online game.

There are more testimonies online about individuals who have won jackpot points online in various parts of the world. This should give gamers more confidence towards playing online as they know that if they do not give up and if they play responsibly, they might be the ones winning big online. So it is expedient for anyone who wants to keep enjoying winnings to keep playing as this is the only hope towards winning big online.