Exclusive Logic Compact Starter Kit Deal Available at Vape Merchant Stores

Tuesday 14 January 2020, 12:54PM
By Beckie Wright

The Logic Compact is a leading vape device of JT International. Available globally in 14 countries and widely distributed through the EU, the device was recently launched at Vape Merchant stores. The retail value for this kit is $59.90 and the specialist retailer is currently offering a special Logic Compact Vaping Starter Kit deal for the launch at $39.90.   

The Logic Compact offers slick design without compromising on big flavour. It is a pocket-sized, smart and convenient vape that is simple to use. It has no buttons – click the pod in and it is ready to vape. The exclusive Logic Compact Launch Offer includes a Logic Compact Rechargeable Device, a magnetic USB Charger and three Logic Compact Pods with four flavours to choose from.

With a sleek, modern design, the Logic Compact comes in two classic colours: Slate Grey and Steel Blue. The device’s metal finish and aesthetically crafted pods make the Logic Compact an ideal designer vape for those looking for something classy and understated. The Logic Compact’s super lightweight design also makes it highly portable; it weighs less than 30 grams total.  

Logic Compact is user-friendly with the device utilising an auto-draw pod system, eliminating the need for buttons or overly complicated interfaces. Activating the device only requires inhaling through the mouthpiece, thus replicating the tactile feel and look of traditional cigarettes.

The Logic Compact uses 1.6ml pods, with four flavours available, at 58 mg/ml to 59 mg/ml nicotine. The Logic Compact e-liquid pods are magnetic and click into place easily. They can be changed in seconds, making switching flavours a breeze. The pods also feature an integrated heating coil.

For more information, Vape Merchant can be contacted on 0800 11 5757 or visit