Welcome in the New Year With enableMe's 2020 Challenge

Tuesday 28 January 2020, 7:48PM
By Beckie Wright

New Year’s Eve is traditionally the time for people to make their resolutions for the coming year, and ‘getting fit’ and ‘sorting my finances’ are usually high on the list of New Year’s goals. Well, enableMe wants to make sure you nail both these objectives in 2020.

Get in now to book a consultation in your diary, because if you book in to see a Financial Personal Trainer before February 15th 2020, you'll go in the draw to win 12 weeks with a Physical Personal Trainer!

At enableMe they have observed over the years that if you ended the last year in no better position than you started it, good intentions and New Year resolutions won’t cut it. They know what works, and they also know that working with enableMe can be life changing, so if you’re ready for a better 2020, why not take up the challenge with their ‘enabling’ offer and make this year the one where you do things differently.

The new year is also the optimum time to take a long hard look at how you are progressing with paying off your mortgage and other financial goals. Interest rates are at record lows, but if you’re not making record progress you need to talk to a Financial Personal Trainer at enableMe. Why would you spend 30 years paying off your mortgage when you could pay it off in 10 years or less, grow your wealth and set yourself up for a brighter future?

Working with one of enableMe’s Financial Personal Trainers will stretch you further, so if you’re ready for better - harness the power of a Financial Personal Trainer and smash your financial goals.

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