Likeable Lab weighs in on social media trends for 2020

Wednesday 5 February 2020, 4:36PM
By Beckie Wright

Celebrated social media agency Likeable Lab has kicked off 2020 by forecasting what lies in store for the world of social media in 2020.

According to the New Zealand social media experts, the rise of influencer marketing will become more prevalent this year. The world of social media will continue to be dominated by influencers promoting their favoured brands, yet these influencers will no longer be limited to big-time celebrities sponsored by massive companies. The new decade will be more inclusive to ‘micro-influencers’, social media figures with smaller followings on social media and fewer yet more devoted sponsors. Their reach may be narrower, but micro-influencers can be more relevant and focused for certain brands.

Another trend forecasted by Likeable Lab is the steady growth of social media e-commerce. Last year, the introduction of Instagram’s ‘checkout’ option paved the way for this year’s rise in purchase features on social media platforms. Facebook has started to roll out this feature, with TikTok following suit. These social checkout features eliminate the need for a website or app altogether, meaning fewer overhead business expenses.

Speaking of TikTok, the increasing popularity of the social media platform makes it a likely 2020 bandwagon, says Likeable Lab. Brands are already finding ways to incorporate TikTok into their marketing strategies. TikTok garnered 1.5 billion monthly active users and 700 million daily active users in July 2019. These statistics have already surpassed Instagram numbers that took years to generate.

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) technology will also further entrench themselves in the social media scene by creating more engagement on social media platforms.

Finally, video content will continue to dominate. Just last year, 96% of marketers claimed to have designated ad spend on video content, with 93% obtaining new customers because of it. This will make more marketers keen to invest in video marketing, generating more ROI on social media.

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