Dexters Stress the Importance of Ventilation in the Workplace

Tuesday 25 February 2020, 5:15PM
By Beckie Wright

Proper ventilation is vital to good indoor air quality, as it brings in fresh air, helps circulate stagnant air, and removes particulates, allergens, and pollutants, increasing the daily productivity and health of your valuable workers

Whether you work at your job a few hours a day or full time, it is important to be in a healthy environment. For some people, after even a few minutes in a place that does not have good indoor air quality, they notice the change. If the heating and cooling system in your workplace is old, then it is possible that you are breathing in years of pollutants or mold that has built up.

Indoor air quality issues are not something to neglect. If you own a business then you would be wise to periodically get the air quality checked or simply have an industrial quality fan installed from Dexters. It is important to listen to your employees if they voice a problem that could be fixable, like the need for better indoor air filtration. You will not regret treating your employees properly. Happy employees help your business.

During these very warm days over summer, Dexters recommend the 500mm Portable Man Cooler to help facilitate air circulations in air-conditioned areas. Their Portable Man Cooler (FE-50) with a U-Tube base is great to cool off commercial and industrial environments, and can be used to exhaust dust and odour from indoors.

Similarly, their Portable Blow Drum Fan is a versatile fan for instant cooling and ventilating. They can be used in public areas, special events and functions, factories, warehouses, assembly halls, schools and shopping malls. They also comply with the voltage and frequency requirements in New Zealand.

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