Prestige Doors & Gates Explain the Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Fail

Thursday 27 February 2020, 1:04PM
By Beckie Wright

There is nothing worse than when your garage door springs fail, and this month Prestige Doors discuss reasons why this may happen, starting with wear and tear.  Ideally, springs are engineered to last about 10,000 cycles, a cycle being the door opening and closing. If you’re the only person using the garage door to park your car, that’s a minimum of two cycles per day. However, garage doors are usually accessed by everyone in the house, and may also be used as the entrance to your home, which means you could be going through cycles much faster than you might think. These multiple cycles in a day shorten the lifespan of the springs, by causing greater wear and tear.

Another reason can be rust, which reduces the lifespan of a spring considerably, increasing friction and eventually snapping the spring in half, so it is important to use a lubricant made for the coils every few months

Thirdly, poor maintenance, and it’s a  good idea to check for the health of the springs before the onset of a new season, especially winter. This can help avoid breakdowns before they happen. Similarly, the incorrect spring size can also decrease the longevity or lifespan of springs. Both the spring length and the wire size need to be correct.

Ideally, garage doors should have two torsion springs on either side of the door. These not just share the weight of the door between themselves, but also, should one wear out, the other will help keep your door from slamming shut. One long spring can work in case of light or small doors, but is not advised, as it can lead to shortened life cycle for the spring, and heavy damage in case of failure.

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