Signage Experts Sign Foundry Relocate Headquarters in Wellington

Thursday 27 February 2020, 7:08PM
By Beckie Wright

Wellington-based signage professionals, Sign Foundry, have relocated their base of operations to a new location at 483 Hutt Road.  As a skilled team of experts, Sign Foundry required the new space to be able to accommodate custom vehicle signage, fleet car-wrapping, and interior and exterior signage manufacturing.

Sign Foundry reports that they had planned to document the process of moving to 483 Hutt Road, but as the process ended up being so fast, they had little time to cover the story. Now, they’re able to report on it in retrospect.

According to statements made by the company, putting together the ultimate sign shop took some planning. The location needed to provide practicality and efficiency, and since the opportunity offered the chance to achieve this in perfect balance, the execution of the project was important.

Currently, the new location is operating with an optimum production pipeline, and the location is essentially 90% complete, with the last 10% involving “making everything look the part,” according to the company.

As the project reaches an end point, the signage company will be happy to be able to focus on equipping themselves with some signage, as client-focused production took priority throughout the last few weeks of the last year. Now that 2020 is underway, Sign Foundry plans to celebrate the opening of their new location, and begin to explore their new capabilities.

Sign Foundry enjoys their reputation as signage experts for good reason—they work closely with customers to fully integrate their priorities into a given project. If you’re interested in speaking with the signage professionals, find out more by visiting the Sign Foundry website here: