AutoTintz For Head & Tail Light Tinting

Monday 30 March 2020, 8:18PM
By Beckie Wright

AutoTintz are a Mount Wellington based company who have over 15 years industry experience and are one of the most preferred automotive window tinting teams in Auckland. Not only do they tint cars and head and tail lights, they also tint homes, commercial buildings, boats, diggers and even shower doors!

AutoTintz import and install the world’s best head and tail light protective films by Lamin-x. If you’re looking for a good quality lens tint that won’t make your vehicle look cheap then Lamin-x is the only solution.

Tinting the light lens’ on your vehicle can offer more than just stylish looks. AutoTintz’ premium Lamin-x films offer a nice glossy finish, stone chip, scratch and impact protection and UV protection, and will prevent your lens from yellowing or hazing caused by the sun’s harsh solar energy. Lamin-x is a removable film which is made to withstand our harsh New Zealand elements for up to five years and is available in multiple shades and colours.

Lamin-x clear protective films protect your lens’ against the harsh elements without altering your driving experience, all the while maintaining that clean, factory appearance. Lamin-x “tint” series protective film gives a lightly tinted look to your lights while giving a nice glossy finish and allowing over 90% of the visible light beam to be passed through. 

Lamin-x Gunsmoke series protective film gives an attractive, medium shade of tint to your lights, while still allowing a good amount of visible light through, combined with a nice glossy finish. Lamin-x Smoked series protective film has a nice med-dark smoked out appearance for tail lights that still allows a fair amount of light to be passed through, and looks great when applied to red tail light lenses.

Lamin-x Charcoal series protective film gives your tail lights a blacked-out look whilst still allowing brake lights to be visible both day and night, and although this film looks good it is not recommended for road use. 

Lamin-x also have a range of coloured films available which allow you to customize your vehicle’s lights to achieve a bright, coloured light, and make it stand out from the crowd, so for more information on headlight tint NZ, vinyl wrap NZ and car alarm installation Auckland please go to .