TIMG's Scan on Demand and Digital Mailroom Expected to be Valuable Tools Post Lockdown

Wednesday 27 May 2020, 5:46PM
By Beckie Wright

As New Zealand begins to transition back to normal business operations, TIMG is further helping their clients recover from the challenges of lockdown with Scan on Demand and Digital Mailroom services to aid in better business continuity practices.

TIMG’s Digital Mailroom service processes, digitises, indexes, and electronically delivers physical mail in an easily transferable format. To do this, the client’s physical business mail is redirected to TIMG’s secure imaging centre, where it is processed, scanned and delivered to the recipient in its new digital format. The physical mail Is held briefly before being shredded and recycled or filed and stored at the request of the client.

Furthermore, TIMG’s Scan on Demand system is an affordable solution for businesses’ document capture needs. Ideal for businesses that will continue to work from home during Alert Level 2 or who will maintain some element of remote work indefinitely as part of their new normal, Scan on Demand preserves access to physical files for everyone who needs it, charging on a per-page basis to digitise and index physical documents for remote access. No minimum number of pages is necessary and price per page includes everything from prep to quality assurance and final uploading.

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