How Do Free Spins Work?

Monday 15 June 2020, 2:26PM
By iCasinoReviews

Online casino players have way too many options these days, being as so many gambling houses are popping up daily. You are not restricted to one casino, and so most people roam from one to the other looking for the best deals, and especially great bonuses. Free spins are just part of what you receive either as a new user or an existing one depending on the casino’s policy.

What are Free Spins?

They are one of the promotional products that gambling houses use to attract new signees or to make dormant ones active again. Once in a while, a developer will release new slot games, and the first thing that happens is giving free spins for regular users to test it out. As a reward to existing, consistent players, they will get free spins with no deposit and no wager, which means your account is credited with winnings instantly.

So, simply put, a free spin is a go at the reels at no cost that equals one bet. It is given to players for games like slots that require spinning the reel.

How do you Get Free Spins?

Three instances when you get a free go at the reels:

  • As a bonus to new players
  • As a reward to existing players
  • A free timed offer to try new games

New players could get free spins when they register an account and deposit cash in it for the first time. On top of a cash reward, they get these spins. The second option would be a no wager no deposit casino that certainly gives the best deal. A player gets spins whose winnings are not attached to any wagering conditions. No need for deposits too, so there are no financial risks associated with this reward. It’s a sweet deal!

When it is offered as a timed reward to existing players, you have a limited window to utilize it – sometimes as little as an hour. Within this time, the no wager and no deposit free spins are good to use on any slot selected by management. It gives no financial obligation since you stand no chance of losing the money you did not deposit in the first place. Members of VIP clubs get these a lot of times to keep them motivated.  

So, when looking for these offers, you want to check the conditions attached to them. Are they offered as an enticement when you register an account, or are you getting them as a reward for being a repeat client? Do they have playthrough conditions attached to them? What time limit is applied? Knowing this helps you plan so that you get ahead of the game immediately. If they are limited to only a few hours, you don’t want to waste a minute.

Wagering with Free Spins

Not all spins have wagering requirements. Actually, being a purely promotional product prompts casinos to remove any further demand on them so that you get your winnings almost as soon as you score on the reels. They are limited to games that require spinning the reel, which really doesn’t have very big winning margins. You would have to play for reasonable amounts of time to win a substantial amount of money. This alone makes the perfect promotional product.

Not Much but Still Totally Worth it

The winnings from free spins aren’t that much, but they are great since you take no financial risks. Getting a no wager free spins with no deposit offers allow you to explore games without fearing to lose your deposit. It definitely has a timeline since casinos are in the business of making money, but you can play and win within this window. A great way to try out slots or improve your skills.