Heaven Contracting for All Tree Root & Stump Removal & Chipping Services

Wednesday 24 June 2020, 3:48PM
By Beckie Wright

Now that we are in Level 1 of the government’s lockdown levels for the pandemic COVID-19, we can resume the tidy-up of our sections and farms before winter sets in. You may have been one of those people who did a bit of work around the property during the lockdown, and even got out the chainsaw to tidy up some of your trees. However, without professional help, it is very difficult to achieve a really tidy and effective tree root and tree stump removal, and getting your extra branches chipped. 

Stump removal can be very difficult, but necessary, and large trees in particular can cause a serious problem if the tree stumps are left on site after removal of the main bole. Tree roots may continue to grow, so the best practice is to remove the stump using professional standard stump grinding equipment. 

As part of every job they complete Arborist Auckland chip and remove all debris, leaving your property clean and tidy. With their range of 12” chippers they can take wood and leaf cuttings and chip them into mulch which can be re-applied to your property for landscaping or removed from the site. 

The mulch is an organic ground cover, which not only looks good, but provides protection for plant and tree roots in the winter, and retains moisture during the long dry summer months. Arborist Auckland also provide bulk mulch sales and a service for the removal of pre-cut organic tree rubbish.  

Arborist Auckland offer a full range of sustainable tree removal services, including branch lopping, tree root removal, tree trimming and pruning, and all types of tree problems, such as tree disputes and tree diseases, so for more information on tree root removal, tree stump removal and chipping services please go to .