Winchester Counselling's Andrew Winchester Continues With 8 Reasons Why Emotionally Focused Therapy Works

Friday 26 June 2020, 8:49PM
By Beckie Wright

Andrew works with EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) to get to the heart of the conflict between couples, which he is finding to be more prevalent as we come out of the COVID-19 government enforced lockdown, and this month we examine the second four reasons why EFT works, continuing on from the first four last month.

Number five is that EFT builds security, and number six is that it fosters effective communication. Andrew explains that the primary task of Emotionally Focused Therapy is to help you and your partner become each other’s safe haven and secure base. Andrew can help people understand and repair what is getting in the way of them and their partner connecting, feeling close and experiencing each other in a more loving way.

Once the destructive pattern has been modified, each of you begins to calm down and feel safer with the other, and you can approach topics that were previously taboo or were guaranteed to get a fight started. Without so much of the past defensiveness, each of you will be better able to send each other clearer messages, feel free to speak from the heart, hear each other’s perspective and really resolve the conflict.

The seventh reason is that EFT is based on extensive research, with this approach to couples therapy being developed by Drs. Susan Johnson and Les Greenberg. It is based on attachment theory and extensive neuroscience research regarding humans’ innate need to feel attached to and comforted by their significant others.

The strategies used in EFT to heal and strengthen couple and family relationships were developed by ongoing research on the interventions and processes that most effectively restore trust in relationships and strengthen the innate attachment bond which is at the core of all successful love relationships.

Finally, EFT produces results that last. Even after therapy ends, research shows that most couples remain better able to communicate with effectiveness and love. They will also be better able to collaborate, problem solve and repair relationship conflicts when they occur. They will develop a true partnership, and enjoy the ongoing companionship, comfort, passion and love of a securely attached relationship.

Andrew offers secure online individual and couples therapy, and during COVID-19 Levels 2 and 1 he will be in person at the office, and of course will continue to do Zoom online counselling, so for more information on couple counselling, relationship counselling Christchurch, and marriage counselling please go to .