Reach Out to CodeBlue for your Cyber Security Needs

Friday 26 June 2020, 10:40PM
By Beckie Wright

Given the amount of space being given in the media recently on cyber security, CodeBlue is happy to discuss their cyber security offerings. Every organisation needs an IT security strategy to protect their data and confidential information from increasingly advanced cyber-attacks, as experiencing a server outage or having sensitive information compromised can have really detrimental effects.

Hackers are paying attention, and they’re matching today’s technology innovations with maddening creativity of their own. They’ve graduated from attacks designed to steal data to extortion hacks that lock people out of their data unless a ransom is paid.

CodeBlue has a comprehensive cyber security solution to determine the level of protection your business needs, and their team can implement, manage and monitor your environment, ensuring your protection evolves according to changing threat levels.

CodeBlue’s Internet Protection Shield ensures that when you connect to the internet, regardless of whether you are working from the office, or via any other internet connection, you always have the very latest and most comprehensive threat protection. Their Content Filtering services provide comprehensive content control for users across both email and web browsing.

Mail Filtering ensures all messages are scrubbed before being delivered, and complex content filtering and data loss prevention controls, can detect and prevent sensitive or inappropriate content leaving or entering your business. Web Filtering ensures users are not exposed in inappropriate content when browsing, and if required users can be limited to only those websites that are required for their role.

Finally, their Endpoint protection – which is the last line of defence on every device and every server - connects to CodeBlue’s central management server to ensure your endpoint protection is kept secure and current, so for more information on IT support, cyber security NZ and IT infrastructure please go to .