Craft Homes' New eBook Building a Sustainable Future Out Now

Monday 2 November 2020, 4:39PM
By Beckie Wright


As an update to their current eBook, Craft Homes have recently released the new version, explaining how they can help with providing sustainable building practices, and the challenges they present. Providing this eBook means people can make more informed decisions about their new build homes. The eBook covers 12 key points that Craft Homes have chosen to highlight to help prospective homeowners better prepare for a sustainable build project, starting with the definition of ‘sustainable building’.  

As they explain it, a sustainable building is one that minimises the environmental impacts of both constructing and running a home. When most think of sustainable homes, they tend to focus on how a home will run and disregard the initial building processes. However, to construct an energy-efficient, sustainable home, a range of alternative techniques need to be employed.  

Significant effort needs to go into planning your project before you begin to ensure it’s both functional and environmentally friendly. The best way to plan is to use an integrated design team to kick-start the process. This team should include an architectural designer, builder, and, where appropriate, engineers and suppliers, too. All elements of sustainability and energy-efficiency should be considered as part of this holistic approach.  

Craft Homes make a valuable addition to any integrated design team, bringing their extensive experience in sustainable building to the table. For example, many build projects overlook the importance of having a complete understanding of the site, and there are key factors you need to consider. Knowing how big your site is, which views you want to make use of, and where exactly the sun will rise and set throughout the year can profoundly change the way a build should be carried out. Factoring these in before beginning construction is important as these are much more costly to change later. 

You also need to know council planning rules, covenants, subdivision rules, and so on, and Craft Homes offer a free, no-obligation site meeting to help guarantee that your chosen site will fit your needs. Passive solar design is all about harnessing the air’s natural movement and the sun’s light and warmth to heat, cool and ventilate your home. How you position your house in relation to the sun’s path and prevailing winds is crucial to passive solar design. 

Passive solar design also considers thermal mass. This is the ability of materials (e.g., concrete, brick, or tile) to absorb the sun’s warmth during the day, and release it slowly at night. Using these materials in certain areas of your house essentially provides you with another free heating source. 

Craft Homes can help you build your dream home without blowing your budget, and with consideration for the environment, so to learn more, talk to them today, or keep an eye out for their new eBook, Building a Sustainable Future: 12 Tips for Building a Sustainable Home, and How Craft Homes Can Help. For more information on new house builders, home renovation and passive house builders please go to