Moemoe Advise on Choosing the Right Duvet

Sunday 30 May 2021, 2:01AM
By Beckie Wright

Since establishing her range of New Zealand bedding made from sustainable, ethically sourced materials, Moemoe’s Melissa Stocker has taken stock of the fact that everyone’s  sleeping requirements are different; so a duvet that may work for one person may not necessarily be the right solution for another person.  

The ideal scenario is to identify the preferred type of duvet and the level of warmth required to suit the sleeper’s individual needs, and with winter coming on Moemoe has some timely advice on what type of duvet is right for you. 

Many people find that they require more than one duvet to ensure they remain comfortable with the changing seasons, and for most people the ideal is to have two duvets, one for the colder months and one for the warmer. Moemoe has an extensive range of duvets to cover the warmth requirements of every season, and their natural fibre duvets will keep you at the perfect temperature for a peaceful sleep all year round. 

They have a range of natural fibre duvets to choose from. Wool duvets are a fantastic choice due to the material’s moisture-wicking abilities. It draws moisture away from your body as you sleep and releases it into the air, so you won’t overheat. Alpaca inners also have this special benefit as well as being hypo-allergenic, perfect for anyone sensitive to allergies. Feather and down is a classic duvet choice, providing a lovely full looking duvet that is nice and warm without being clammy! 

The name Moemoe represents everything Melissa and her team stand for – our beautiful country and its commitment to quality, as well as quality of sleep and the joy that brings. The Moemoe team is proud of the brand they have created, and work hard to share the benefits of natural fibre and the restorative qualities of good sleep. You spend more time in your bed than anywhere else and your investment in a quality bed and bedding should reflect that. 

Buy a duvet inner in New Zealand from Moemoe and sink into a blissful sleep every night, and for more information on alpaca duvet inners and feather and down pillows please go to .