Drainage TV Recommend Booking Your CCTV Inspections Early to Avoid Delays in Building Consent Processes

Monday 31 May 2021, 12:03PM
By Beckie Wright

A CCTV inspection is a vital tool in minimising damage to public wastewater/stormwater networks while allowing people to build where they wish to, and is required for the following:

Where the proposed building platform is within two metres of any public wastewater/stormwater pipe 

Where there is uncertainty regarding the location of a wastewater/stormwater asset in relation to the proposed building site


If you are thinking about or planning a new building project, a garage, a sleep out or an extension to your house you should check to see if a Council wastewater or stormwater pipe runs through or near the area that you wish to build within. This is important as any structures built over the pipes are likely to apply loading to the pipelines or disturb fill material around the surrounding areas. These factors could result in pipe failure and subsequent wastewater or stormwater blockages and flooding.

Such incidents can affect nearby structures and cause significant damage to personal property and stress to people’s day-to-day lives. Even if there are pipes running through the area you may still be allowed to build over wastewater or stormwater pipes if conditions are suitable. These include structural designs that meet Council requirements.

A CCTV investigation will accurately identify where the assets are located in relation to your proposed building site and the depth and current condition of the assets. This is done by CCTV inspection of the pipe and by accurately marking - this is normally done by pegs from boundary to boundary - on the site, the location of the pipe, where it is laid and any connections attached to the pipe.

You should apply for the CCTV inspection prior to lodging your building consent, and once the design is approved, you can then proceed with lodging your Building Consent with the Council's Building Control Unit. If you have already lodged your Building Consent prior to the CCTV inspection the results of the inspection need to be obtained before your consent is processed.

So, contact Drainage TV to book in your CCTV inspections today to avoid extra delays in the building consent process. Without the CCTV inspection reports your building consent will be put on hold, and for more information on pre-construction inspections and drain videos please go to .