Let Healthy Homes NZ Do the Heavy Maintenance Lifting

Monday 31 May 2021, 1:43PM
By Beckie Wright


Healthy Homes NZ are there to help you get your property up to standard, and based on your healthy home assessment, there may be some maintenance work you need to do for your property to be compliant.  

During a healthy home assessment, their technicians will conduct a full audit of your property against the five standards of the Healthy Homes regulations – insulation, heating, ventilation, draught-stopping and moisture, ingress and drainage. Once completed, you’ll receive a report that details whether the property meets the healthy homes’ standards. 

Based on your healthy home assessment, there may be some things you need to do to bring your property up to standard, so let Healthy Homes NZ do the heavy maintenance lifting.  

At Healthy Homes NZ, they can provide competitive quotes, and in many cases, instant pricing, for all the maintenance work you may need to meet the healthy homes’ standards. They will also keep track of all your jobs, liaising with tradies in your area through their extensive tradie network, and get in touch with your tenants, to sort out various arrangements – saving you the time and hassle of managing multiple parties. 

The tradespeople they work with are fully qualified, licensed, and insured.  

Healthy Homes NZ will assess your property based on the outcomes of your healthy home assessment and provide you with the best options for each standard specific to your property.  Alternatively, if you already have a healthy home assessment (done by them or someone else), they can still manage your maintenance work for you.  

If you choose to sort the maintenance on your own, you can send them the ‘before and after’ photos, and the invoice, and they will update your report free of charge. There are lots of options, so to organise healthy homes maintenance work for your property, you should get in touch with the team at Healthy Homes NZ today, and for more information on healthy homes assessments and home maintenance companies please go to .