Ask Bartercard Explain Using Bartercard Trade Dollars to Fund Business/Lifestyle Expenses

Monday 31 May 2021, 7:22PM
By Beckie Wright

Ask Bartercard explain here that by using an alternative digital currency and/or trade dollars to fund your business expenses and lifestyle purchases, you can cut costs to grow your business. Bartercard’s advance on trade dollar sales is offered as a cash-alternative currency that comes without the interest rates of a business bank loan, and is paid back by selling your products and services through the Bartercard community. 

By becoming a Bartercard member you can apply for an advance on trade dollar sales, subject to trading amounts, equity, and security, which means you are able to fund the capital growth necessary to grow your business. Similarly, Bartercard’s advance on trade dollar sales allows you to cover the essential start-up costs of your business or invest in revenue-generating expenses such as marketing and advertising, interior fit-outs, equipment, larger premises and extra storage space sourced through Bartercard’s cashless community. 

You can fund the capital growth needed to start your business or take it to the next level with Bartercard’s advance on trade dollar sales, which is a smart solution for your business. 

With regard to lifestyle purchases, many Bartercard members are spending their trade dollars they receive from gaining extra business, on either themselves or their family. Some business owners choose to use them, along with their advance on trade dollar sales, to pay for a much needed holiday or weekend away. They may pay for other lifestyle expenses, such as dining out, clothing, entertainment, hobby equipment, gym memberships, massages, soft furnishings for their homes – all without spending cash.  

When you join Bartercard, you will benefit from the 500 direct contact listings, 300 accommodation packages and 150 gift certificate options available at world-class destinations through Bartercard.  With hotels, resorts and guest houses across destinations including Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, this is one of the many ways to conserve cash and enjoy an enhanced lifestyle with Bartercard, and for more information on what is Bartercard and Bartercard members please go to .