Home Vision Blinds' Sunscreen Blinds Just as Important in Winter

Monday 31 May 2021, 11:24PM
By Beckie Wright

It might be cooling down at the moment in New Zealand, but did you know that sun fading can occur in your home all year round? Although the winter sun may not seem as harsh as the summer sun, it can do just as much damage as the sun sits lower in the sky and penetrates deeper into our rooms. We know the harsh UV rays in the sun damage our skin, but it can also damage our furnishings, flooring, and furniture. The good news is there are a range of effective and attractive options available to protect the investments you have made in your furnishings. 

The trick is controlling the amount of sunlight in your home, and that’s where Home Vision Blinds’ sunscreen blinds come in. They have range of options for managing sunlight in your home, and saving yourself long term on electricity bills from your air conditioning, and managing the sunlight in your home with blinds also helps you warm your home during the winter, by keeping in the heat at night. 

The sunscreen blind design excels in sun-drenched areas like lounges or sunrooms, and the great thing about sunscreen blinds is that they come in different fabric transparencies. For example, at Home Vision Blinds, they carry two weights of sunscreen blinds. The ‘sun filter’ weight still lets some light through, but it has a rice-paper effect, in which you can only see silhouettes. The standard sunscreen blind weight lets through slightly more light and is lightly woven, eliminating glare and limiting the amount of sunlight and heat entering your home without cutting it off completely. 

Not only will these blinds reduce the overall volume of light coming through your windows, but they also provide high levels of insulation to keep your home cool during the summer months, and warm when winter comes, and for more information on venetian blinds and buying vertical blinds please go to .