Denon 110th Anniversary Limited Models From Paul Money HiFi

Monday 31 May 2021, 11:28PM
By Beckie Wright

In celebration of Denon’s 110-year anniversary, why not fulfil every expectation with the extensively tuned Denon limited edition Anniversary Series silver graphite AVC-A110 13.2ch 8K AV Amplifier. With over a century of audio artisanship, Denon is proud to announce this very special flagship model which delivers the most immersive home experience yet, combining enveloping surround sound from your favourite 3D formats, such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, DTS:X Pro, IMAX Enhanced, Auro-3D and more with 8K support for spectacularly sharp and vivid movies.  

The AVC-A110 was carefully designed to exceed the high standards of Denon’s predecessor AV receivers to set a new reference. Boasting a limited-edition silver graphite colour, iron diecast feet, copper transformer plate, and new premium back panel and speaker terminals, the AVC- A110 is specially crafted for the most dedicated fans. Designed and engineered with aspiration in mind, the AVC-A110 is as elegant on the inside as it is on the outside, featuring an all-black interior to truly differentiate from any other AV receiver or amplifier in the market.  

Denon is a renowned, award-winning audio brand, famous for best-in-class sound quality due to their 110 years of experience. Denon’s success is defined by their history of firsts, always driving the market with innovative technologies. This philosophy made Denon the leader in audio industry for the last decades, responding quickly and integrating fast-changing customer needs to our product design. 

There are many reasons for celebrating 110 years. Since 1910, Denon has been upgrading your audio and video expectations and are proud to celebrate this exceptional achievement with the silver graphite, limited series Denon Anniversary Edition family of products. You will discover each flagship responsible for shaping Denon’s renowned reputation, featuring the latest in technological advancements, as well as new features proprietary to Denon. With their 110-year anniversary edition models, you can upgrade your expectations by the company that has defined audio excellency since 1910, and for more information on Yamaha audios and home theatres NZ please go to .