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Thursday 1 July 2021, 12:51AM
By Beckie Wright

The highly innovative, global company, MagicSeal NZ Ltd, is design led, and its market driven products have revolutionised the Magnetic Insect Screen and Retrofit Acrylic Double-Glazing Market, World Wide. MagicSeal Magnetic Insect screens are the most stylish, ergonomically designed screens on the market. Due to its “100% Total Seal”, this Magnetic Insect Screen, is unique in the local marketplace. MagicSeal products are BRANZ (Building Research - Australia & New Zealand) approved as. “Fit for Purpose.”  

Their mantra is, “To make any living/working spaces that utilises their products, “A better place to live”. They use only the best quality insect screen mesh, from Phifer, USA, plastics (NZ made) and magnets, also from USA and custom made to MagicSeal’s, special high standard specifications, for the Australasian markets. MagicSeal NZ Ltd, stock a huge range of locally assembled, quality Magnetic Insect Screens to help you control insects in an environmentally friendly way. "Keep pests out, and let the fresh air in." 

MagicSeal NZ Ltd, also produce and install the highest quality Retrofit Acrylic Double Glazing currently available in Australasia. The high quality optical, Acrylic, is sourced from Degussa of Germany; managed, factories worldwide. The MagicSeal Thermal Panels are custom made to fit onto all/most window types. The optical Acrylic has manufacturers guarantee against yellowing, for 30 years.  

The MagicSeal Thermal Panels adhere to the perimeter of the window opening frames, on the inside of the window and are left in place all year; held on by their unique Magnetic Sealing System, invented by MagicSeal. The energy savings that translate into saved $$$ of power accounts, by installing MagicSeal Thermal Panels, far exceeds Double Glass glazing by several Energy Stars on the WERS Energy rating data tables. (Window Energy Research System).  

The reason for this, is that glass, is not as good an insulator, as Optical Acrylic, that is made from plastic acrylic resin. The air gap is also an important point to consider, so adding spacers, made from MagicSeal PVC beading, and coloured to suit the window joinery, can also be a good option, to enhance $$$ savings. 

MagicSeal’s unique Magnetic RetroFit Acrylic Double Glazing, performs much better than conventional Double Glass glazing for noise reduction as well. This has been tested by Canterbury University and a special report, is available from MagicSeal NZ Ltd or its accredited Agents nationwide. On some high traffic motorways, MagicSeal’s RetroFit Acrylic Double Glazing, has been installed over Double Glass glazing, to lower the noise levels. This is because. Two panes of glass vibrate in unison with varying frequencies over the normal hearing range, so more noise pollution is passed across the air gap. This is not so with MagicSeal’s Acrylic Double Glazing, as the existing glass in the window frame and the MagicSeal Acrylic Thermal Panel, vibrate out of phase, due to different physical properties, thereby lowering the sounds transferred across the air gap by up to 15 - 25 Db.   

MagicSeal RetroFit Acrylic Double Glazing Features: -, 

  • Help Reduce Condensation. 
  • Stop Noise Pollution. 
  • Save Energy; Heat / Cool loss, out of Single Glazed Windows. 
  • Stops up to 80% of damaging UV radiation. 

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