Paul Money HiFi Showcase the Iconic English HiFi brand 'Naim Audio'

Saturday 31 July 2021, 10:01PM
By Beckie Wright

Driven by a passion for the same uncompromised listening experiences that their customers demand, Paul Money HiFi seek to go beyond an audiophile sound that is technically brilliant, and strive for the glorious emotional experience of the music. Every Naim product is conceived, designed and engineered entirely in service of the sound, revealing a pure experience of music that is as close as possible to its original live source. 

At Paul Money HiFi they believe that the exploration of sound is an adventure that rewards you with a clarity and connection that becomes more powerful the deeper you travel within it.  Which is why, every element within their systems is crafted to create a silence around the sound, reducing any interference between you and the intention of the artist. 

Once you have purchased your new Naim audio system, you may now require installation, and Paul Money HiFi are able to provide a full service, from a basic two channel or soundbar setup to a full multi-room pre-wire and installation for your renovation or new build. 

You will be given advice and little tips to make the installation as seamless as possible, not to mention the savings you can make by following their advice. Their installers are familiar with their product range and know how it all fits together, and how to calibrate everything. Upon completion, you will be given a full demonstration of your new system, with other services including wall mounting, networking and Wi-Fi installation. 

The full Naim audio range is now available at Paul Money HiFi, so, with this in mind, please take a moment to find out more about Naim audio range by visiting the website at .