Contact Shuki Mobile Locksmith to Secure your Commercial Premises

Saturday 1 January 2022, 3:35AM
By Beckie Wright

As businesses all over Auckland prepare to close down for the upcoming Xmas break, or for the statutory holidays, one of the first things they should be thinking about is the security of their premises. A closed factory or business, such as a warehouse, can be an enticing sight for a would-be burglar, so business owners need to check that all their security measures are firmly in place, including the correct type of locks. 

Burglar alarms and security fences are all very well, but you need to ensure that your locks, safes, and other aspects in need of a change of locks are also a top priority. Having your locks checked, and if necessary, changed is still a much-needed addition to add an extra layer of security to your business. 

Shuki Mobile Locksmiths offer commercial locksmith services to all Auckland businesses, including key system installation, access control, and lock changes. They are also able to work directly with property management, real estate agents and architects on a wide range of property types, including retail stores, warehouses, single offices and office blocks.  

For the best in commercial security across Auckland, they are able to help 24/7, and thanks to their wealth of experience, you can trust them to get the job done right. You’ve already found the best commercial locksmith in Auckland for high security projects, so now you can enjoy peace of mind.   

A priority responsibility of a locksmith for businesses is to research new technology for locks. After all, as technology moves forward, so do the risks of goods and money getting stolen. Shuki Mobile Locksmiths are two steps ahead when it comes to security, so why not get in touch with them this month, before you lock up for your Xmas break. 

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