What's The Difference Between Aged Care Facilities And Retirement Villages?

Tuesday 18 January 2022, 11:32PM
By Premium SEO NZ

For those entering retirement, it can be quite a struggle to determine exactly what retirement housing option would be most suitable for their particular circumstances – staying put? Moving in with family? Downscaling and travelling? Entering a retirement village or aged care facility?

Of these options, choosing between a retirement village and an aged care facility can be the most confusing as, on the surface, they can appear rather similar. This can lead some to planning to enter one when really they should plan for the other; or some being surprised that their application was rejected by one only to find that they actually better fit the requirements of the other.

The best way to understand the difference is to understand need. If you’re in good health and can live independently, but would like the convenience of easy access to necessary services and the opportunity to find belonging in a community, then a retirement village would be your better option as you don’t need intensive services. Many retirement villages do still offer different levels of care, so should you find your health or functioning deteriorating later on, it is possible to access more medical and other assistive care as you age. 

By comparison, if you’re already at a stage where your health is poor, you can’t easily live independently, and where it might not be possible to employ full-time in-house carers, then an aged care facility would better suit your needs. Indeed, aged care Christchurch is highly suited to aiding individuals with all kinds of aging-related illnesses and other difficulties.  

By fully understanding the purpose of different housing options, as well as what you might need as you get older, it can become easier to make the right choice regarding where to live once you retire.