DE Healthcare Can Provide All Your Infection Control PPE

Tuesday 1 March 2022, 12:44PM
By Beckie Wright

It should come as no surprise that infection control in the workplace is a hot topic among business owners, in the current Omicron variant. Left unchecked, infections could result in mass sick leave, an upheaval to your business process – or worse. 

Basic hygiene measures are the most important way to stop the spread of infection, with basic hygiene measures including:  
hand hygiene – that is, washing hands regularly with soap and water, or cleansing with hand sanitiser 
stayat home if you are unwell and have a COVID-19 test 
coughing or sneezing into a tissue or your elbow and then performing hand hygiene 
clean and disinfect surfaces regularly. 

The use of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as face masks can reduce the spread of infection when used correctly and in the appropriate context. This may be recommended in workplaces where people are more likely to come in contact with the disease. 

To reduce your risk of getting COVID-19 and transmitting it to others you should:  
Be fully vaccinated and have the COVID-19 booster as and when required  
Maintain physical distancing where possible and practical  
Optimise ventilation in indoor spaces.   
Wear appropriate PPE 

DE Healthcare is a New Zealand-based healthcare distributor of infection control supplies for dental, veterinary, and beauty industries, providing a variety of dental products and tattoo aftercare supplies used on an everyday basis, and can provide all the personal protective equipment you will need, including wrap around face shields. 

These come in a flat pack in two pieces, shield and the band. Material: Rigid adjustable PVC band & optically clear screen.  
Product Information: 
Pack of 6. 
Made from FDA approved biodegradable clear plastic. 
Manufactured in New Zealand. 

Show your customers you care with an infection control kit. This is vital information for any small business owner and may save more than just your bottom line. 

So, with this in mind please take a moment to find out more about black latex gloves and tattoo supplies by visiting the website at .