McDonalds Pukekohe enforcing vaccine passports on customers, most of whom are children and similarly,as per government statistics acknowledge, not at risk of serious harm from Covid McDonalds Pukekohe enforcing vaccine passports on customers, most of whom are children and similarly,as per government statistics acknowledge, not at risk of serious harm from Covid CREDIT: Ministry for Families
McDonalds Pukekohe McDonalds Pukekohe CREDIT: Ministry for Families

Law Counsel refutes government COVID mandates

Monday 7 March 2022, 11:33PM
By Ministry for Families

The Tui Law Counsel whose members include those born in New Zealand, has decreed that government mandates to vaccinate, wear masks, sanitize and track and trace people are not safe and compromise people’s freedoms.

As per the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, each PCBU (Person conducting a business or undertaking) must have read the Covid 19 vaccine material safety data sheet and amended their health and safety policies accordingly, if required.

Says Tracy Lynch PCBU for the Tui Law Counsel “we have read the safety data sheet and have serious concerns, especially in light of independent scientific narratives and evidence of harm to date recorded on the medsafe website and other websites, that vaccines or any other mandates are safe and effective or lawful. As PCBU’s and organisations are personally liable for harm caused by such therefore we cannot endorse these practises. Death caused by vaccines for example is categorised in law as premeditated murder and under the Crimes Act 1961 section 189a hindering someones breathing with your hand or a device (such as a mask) is deemed in legislation as illegal. 

“Nor have we approved the rapid antigen test (RAT) or the polymerase chain reaction test (PCR) or accepted that the deoxyribonucleiuc acid (DNA) harvesting is ethical” she says.

The Law Counsel advocates natural law which is that "you do no harm to person or property", as is required by any person or business.

On prompting from concerned members, the Tui Law Counsel has spoken with other PCBU’s from Waikato District Council, Owens Transport, Mainfreight, Richies-Murphy Transport Solutions, Sime and Darby, the Midwifery Council, several school Headmasters and rest homes, McDonalds, Middlemore Hospital and Pukekohe Medical Centre, all of whom have acknowledged they have not read the safety data sheet nor approved it, yet are forcing staff to conform to mandates.

Mandates are not law, they are a request that you abide by a government direction and, as per contract law, you have a right to refuse. This right is under threat however when PCBU’s are forcing employees to abide by government mandates or lose their job.

As of 31/1/2022 52,000 adverse reactions to both the Pfizer and Astra Zeneca vaccination have been reported on the medsafe CARM report. The confidential FDA document FDA- CBER-2021-5683-0000083 Appendix 1 consists of a List of NINE pages of adverse events after vaccination. ​ “What is a real travesty of justice is that, the mortality rate of COVID to the entire population is less than 1%, with most of those impacted being over 70 often with multiple co-morbidities. Most of these people are retired and not employed so this practise defies common sense” says Tracy Lynch.

Under New Zealand legislation, the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 stipulates that a PCBU who knowingly puts an employee at risk of harm can be liable for heavy fines of up to $3 million dollars and five years imprisonment.

“We simply cannot advocate that our members are vaccinated when the risk seems to be outweighing the benefit to them, nor can we carry the liability if harm is caused from a vaccination as Medsafe’s CARM report identifies is happening.

"Anecdotally we know there is also alot of sickness following vaccinations. A school in Karaka, Auckland for example,sent a notice to parents informing them that school buses are less, due to drivers being off sick. The bus Company, Richies-Murphy Transport, In particular Sean Hayes, with the support David McIntosh, Acting Group Manager, School Transport, Department of Education, National Office No 1, The Terrace, Wellington, forced Bus Drivers to be vaccinated or loose their jobs" says Tracy.

"We are also very concerned that Captains of Industry such as rest homes (including Ambridge Rose in Pakuranga whom we spoke to) as well as bus companies are continuing to enforce mandates on staff and in the case of rest homes family and friends too, in spite of the recent court decision by Judge Cook that the police and army are not required to vaccinate and these mandates are being dropped” says Tracy. "People not being able to visit family and friends is causing serious harm not only to themselves but the elderly - who they are charged with protecting. It is now proven, beyond reasonable doubt, that the vaccination is not stopping transmission so this can only be labelled as discrimination and it is being actively encouraged by this government which is cruel."

The Tui Law Counsel represents Tangata Whenua who were born here and advocate for their best interests. Based in Pukekohe, Auckland they can act natiownide. They can assist in dealing lawfully with complex legal matters. A basic membership is $20 per annum and is used to seed fund projects throughout New Zealand that benefit the community.  

People interested in joining the Law Counsel can email