Calls for parliament to be dissolved

Monday 14 March 2022, 8:46AM
By Ministry for Families

After near on a month, anti-communism protestors were forcibly removed from Parliament grounds in Wellington by riot police, in spite of repeated calls by long time political activist Karen Brewer that the Governor-General remove parliament.


Brewer achieved particular notoriety on February 22nd this year when her charge for breaching lockdown orders in August last year, were dismissed.


Since her arrest Brewer had been asking for the governments proof of claim, which they have failed to provide. Although the Covid Health Response orders were signed by the Governor General in 2020 they had not received the Royal Assent (Commonwealth seal) and therefore are not legally binding which would explain why a proof of claim was never given her.


Says Tracy Lynch from the Tui Law Counsel “It is completely outrageous that this government is acting unlawfully  and juxtapose to peoples unalienable rights. The ‘considered risk of a virus’ versus their overreach of power to contain it has not gone unnoticed. Many of our members have lost confidence in this government, as have others currently standing at the Governor generals residences, and in times like these our thinking is aligned with Brewers – everyone must take some action. When an unlawful act has been committed people typically contact police who fill out a S14 charging document but people can do this themselves. Our suggestion is that people file their own S14 charging documents with attached affidavits containing evidence, if it is a government official who has acted unlawfully and place the matter directly in front of the court. Statutes (acts) bind the crown as referenced in section 3 of most statutes”.


 “We are at the precipice of a new dawn. Whether that is one we want or one we don’t will depend on what we now do, but we must all act.” She says.


Brewer references the NZ Cabinet Manual para 1.18 as a guide on how to proceed “The Governor-General exercises a degree of personal discretion, under what are known as the ‘reserve powers’. As stated in the Dominion Post by Michael Clark, clerk of the executive council Cabinet Office “the Governor-General can even dissolve Parliament if he or she feels it has lost the people’s confidence”. Ironically the Prime Minister would need to sign this direction off.


Brewer’s call to action is that people assemble at 11am every day at one of two of the Governor General’s residences in Mt Eden, Auckland or Wellington:


Assembly must be peaceful and silent which says that we are no longer negotiating – no signs, no speeches, no chants, regular clothes and no sign writing.


The request to Cindy Kiro is as follows

1. I want the document Senator Hefferman produced to the Royal Comission ‘under an order to produce’ released unredacted to the people
2. Parliament dissolved
3. The writs issued for fresh elections – all levels – district, city, regional councils and central parliament
We are not leaving and we will be here 24/7 until we get what we came here for. We are standing here and instructing you.

Protestors at the Governor Generals' house have been calling the Governor-General and state that phone lines have repeatedly been cut, they have been told they have the wrong number and often that she is not in house.


Ministry for Families Director, Debbie Swanwick has already offered her support to Brewer and requests the same of NZ families “these protestors were not anti mandate protestors – that is an oxymoron. A mandate is a request made by someone to which you are allowed a right of refusal. That right does not exist when are being threatened with the loss of your career, your income and/or your way of life and too many New Zealand families have been negatively impacted by government overreach in the past two years. Forcing someone to do something is far left wing politics and that is not who we are – we are one. China has attached digital passports to this level of coercion. I especially have been overwhelmed with people concerned at the level of discrimination being encouraged in NZ, from both vaxxed and unvaxxed citizens but it is good to see people now issuing Notices of Liability on people personally fining them for causing harm.”


Swanwick cites other GHANDI like protests are also at play behind the scenes with people defunding entities who they claim are participating in this war on humanity. People have been refusing to pay taxes, denouncing their birth certificates which makes them a corporation giving the government powers over them  (digital ID’s are forecast to replace birth certificates however), and claiming allodial title on their land and refusing to pay rates. The difficulty in doing the later is people need to send the bank a revocation of power of attorney so the bank does not pay rates on their behalf (even if they have paid their mortgage off) and many banks are denying their right to do so stating the power of attorney they have over their account is irrevocable.


“Where to from here is anyone’s guess but what we do know to be true is New Zealander’s are not putting up with what is happening” says Swanwick.


Historically when a government abuses their powers its people will call no confidence on them,. Such abuses can include

Protection being afforded to drug-lords or paedophiles with reduced sentences or name suppression
Recruiting only certain sectors of society to positions of power, which makes them an elite sector of society.  Anecdotally many people talk about freemasons in this context being one such group.
Using their power to cause chaos and disharmony by instilling fear in people which is unwarranted.


“The situation we currently find ourselves in I think is a case of life imitating art – it is a scene from the movie THE LABYRINTH. Knowledge is power and when people have knowledge of what is and is not lawful and know their rights they will realise:


THESE AGENCIES HAVE NO POWER OVER THEM – WE HAVE ALWAYS HAD THE POWER. Government officials are public servants" says Swanwick.


Karen Brewer can be contacted on her telegram channel


Information on how to select a servant to your electorate, one that is NOT from a political party so this situation never happens again, is available here