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Freemason Symbol CREDIT: The Masons

Call for MP's and civil servants to declare membership of secret societies
Monday 4 August 2008, 8:07AM
By Richard Creser
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Members of Parliament, senior civil servants, police officers and judges should be forced to declare membership of secret societies such as the freemasons, according to a Wellington crime victim, who claims it is not an attack on freemasonry but a call for increased openness in parliament and the civil service

Re-establishing the public's trust in politicians depends upon being open about interests and affiliations. There are over five million freemasons worldwide, who pledge to give each other mutual support and in a country such as New Zealand, with a relatively small population, there is an enormous potential for nepotism and corruption.

Since 1999 all judges, police, prison and probation officers in the United Kingdom have been obliged to declare membership. There is no suggestion that there is anything inappropriate about membership, but, in principle, the public should be aware whether members of the criminal justice system are connected to each other through their loyalty to a particular society or lodge. 

The legal obligation in the UK to declare membership of the freemasons followed publicity about the life and connections of British criminal Kenneth Noye. His story is an example of how someone embracing crime as a profession can accumulate enormous wealth and  power by exploiting his freemason connections. Detectives untangling his network of corruption now believe that at least one prominent MP was in his pay.

Such was the apprehension and nervousness created by the extent of Noye's corruption of the police that during the investigation into the murder of Stephen Cameron, officers were given around-the-clock protection from their colleagues.

Of all the professions the law enforcement and the intelligence community in the UK have the highest percentage of members who are Freemasons while doctors are least likely to belong to the brotherhood.



J. James, 4 August 2008, 2:09PM

 Nepotisim and Corruption are alive and well in NZ

this is an Excellent idea – NZ might be low on the corruption scale but that doesn’t mean its NOT corrupt which deeper investigation in every area reveals that things are not OK  in all walks of life in NZzzzzland  – the ‘she’ll be right’ attitude that so pervades NZ shows a lack luster attempt to do the right thing, be that following directions on highly toxic chemical labels or following the letter of the law – The Masons are part of an old school and outdated patriarchal fraternity that has links throughout the world – their members are everywhere from CEO, bankers, judges, lawyers politicians and the unelected bureaucrats that seem to drive everything - the opporutnity for nepotism and corruption are becoming higher