Youth Creates New Zealand Social Network

Tuesday 5 August 2008, 3:29AM
By Anjileen Daji

A brand new homegrown social networking website, Enzed Live, is on a mission to bring together the people of New Zealand.

Anjileen Daji, a 17 year old kiwi from Auckland, and creator of says: "I wanted a place where New Zealanders could hang out online and have a good time. There are other social networks out there but none that really cater to the needs of us kiwis. I've been interested in web design since a pretty young age, and thought this would be an awesome opportunity to do something I love while giving back to the community at the same time."

Enzed Live offers users the ability to create their own free profile, connect with friends, chat, meet new people, share media, blog, create groups, and much more.

Members have the option of choosing a ready made profile template or designing their own from scratch. They can also choose from various privacy options, allowing them to control which members have access to the content they post.

I believe Enzed Live is unique for what it is and I have had a lot of positive feedback from users commending me on the idea. Not only is it a great place for individuals to hang out, but also local businesses, organizations, groups or bands can benefit from the opportunity of being able to showcase their services and talents online and reach out to the people of New Zealand," says Anjileen. 

"We are quite a small group at the moment, but judging by the comments so far there's no doubt we will continue to grow!"

"I know some people may be skeptical about joining something that a 'kid' created, but the way I see it is that the site belongs to the whole community of New Zealand, not just me. Enzed Live is all about celebrating kiwi culture and bringing together the people of Aotearoa. I'm simply the 'stagehand' " she says.

Membership is open to anyone aged 13 and over, and it's free to join.

"I'm constantly looking for new ways to improve the site. This is just the beginning, there's a lot more to come! Check it out at"