New Christchurch office space for former home businesses

Thursday 23 October 2008, 1:55PM
By Ed


A new high-end business centre has opened in central Christchurch to cater for the growing number of home businesses that are making the move into town.

“Our tenants throughout Christchurch who come from home tell us they felt isolated, missed being around others and all the networking benefits that creates," says Managing Director of K P I Rothschild Property Group, Shaun Stockman.

“So many of them get new clients from inside their business centre, while others even create joint ventures. This is not possible when they work alone in a spare bedroom or home office.”

Named ‘Above, your space’ the new 23 room business centre is located at 225 High Street, opposite the Quality Hotel. It has just opened and tenants have already moved in.

“It’s perfect for people moving from home offices, because we’ve designed it to be like a home away from home,” says Mr Stockman.

“We wanted to make it a fun experience to go to work. We have a gym for the fitness conscious, two ‘chill spaces’ with surround sound for socialising and two showers for those who like to run at lunchtime,” says Mr Stockman.

Rates range from $130 a week for a single office to $400 for a space that could cater for a number of people and has its own kitchen.

“We’re excited about the new centre. It’s a great mix of modern design with the feel of an old historic building,” Mr Stockman concludes.