Freeview PVRs, the new toy for Christmas

Monday 3 November 2008, 4:54PM
By freeview shop

After a record uptake of Freeview during the last quarter, New Zealander’s can now look forward to personal video recorders (PVR) in their Christmas stockings, available now from New Zealand’s online

So what exactly is a PVR? A PVR is simply a receiver with the added bonus that it allows you to record TV, and then play it back whenever you wish. All satellite PVRs available from Freeviewshop feature an electronic programme guide (EPG). By scrolling through the EPG you can schedule programmes to be recorded to the hard disc which can then be played back at a later time. A further feature of PVRs is the ability to live pause and time shift. Live pause enables you to pause a live or recorded programme, make a cup of tea, and then return where you left off. Time shift allows you to rewind a live or recorded programme and then say skip through ad breaks to catch up to real time.

A range of PVRs are available from New Zealand’s online Freeviewshop which has selected only the highest quality products for the New Zealand market. One brand of which is Ultraplus. A brand which was new to the New Zealand maket only a year ago, that has now reached an amazing level of success. UltraPlus is now synonymous with quality, for its high end technology and attention to detail. Indeed, the UltraPlus 880 has had an incredible uptake by offering the latest PVR capabilities. This state of the art receiver features time shift, live pause and by simply connecting an external USB 2 HDD to the receiver, programmes can be scheduled for recording from the EPG.

The Topfield TF6000PVR ES is perhaps the ultimate toy for Christmas with its upscaled 1080i High Definition Output and twin tuner recording capabilities. This high end PVR comes standard with a 320GB built in to the receiver, with the choice of upgrading this to an amazing 750GB of storage. Twin tuners allow recording of one programme while watching another or even recording of two programmes simultaneously and offers time shifting and live pause capabilities.

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