Safe-T-element in Australia

Tuesday 4 August 2009, 7:30AM
By Gary Hills

The new and innovative ‘Safe-T-element’, “can help prevent stove top fires on electrical coiled elements” says Gary Hills, Director of a Grand Way Ltd.
The innovative safety device, the Safe-T-element® helps prevent stove top fires and their destructive and too often fatal consequences. The Safe-T-element ® Cooking System was engineered in Canada to help prevent stove top cooking fires before they start, unlike other technologies that alert residents after a fire has already started or extinguishes them, the Safe-T-element TM Cooking System helps prevent these fires from starting in the first place. Unattended cooking in 2007 – 2008 was responsible for nearly 957 reported kitchen fires (New Zealand Fire Service), with 1681 fires reported in the kitchen/cooking area, 1378 of them in residential buildings. An average of 33% of fires have started in kitchens over a five year period. The New Zealand Fire Service by way of public survey determined they may only get to attend 24% of possible fires.
A third of all fire deaths in New Zealand have been caused by unattended cooking. The Safe-T-element Cooking System is relevant to anyone who cooks. It helps to prevent injuries, save lives and protect properties from the dangers of stovetop cooking fires. The product is currently being marketed through established distribution channels to multi-residential senior's facilities, housing authorities, universities & colleges, the military and other high-risk facilities in North America. Gary Hills says “While catching up on this new technology in Australasia, the benefits of removing the human element in fire cause is an excellent method of reducing the destructive outcome of many stove top fires. The Safe-T-element should reduce fire related claims to the insurance industry, reduce the number and cost of false alarms, and as a bonus stove and cooking utensils will be easier to clean due to a lack of burning and scalding. The Safe-T-element also makes stove top cooking more efficient so it saves energy, saves energy costs and can reduce green house gases.