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Google Earth On Large Multi-touch Display at Stardome Observatory - An Amazing Experience

Tuesday 25 August 2009, 2:18PM
By Stardome


Every year over 60,000 people visit Auckland’s Stardome Observatory to get closer to the myriad stars and planets that make up our universe. Now, thanks to Google Earth Pro and world–leading, multi-touch and gesture touchscreen technology, visitors to Stardome can discover the world entirely differently..

Google Earth’s interactive, global map content is now a star attraction at Stardome, viewed on a 40-inch LCD monitor, with all features accessed and navigated by way of multi-touch and gesture technology, similar to that found on the Apple iPhone. No keyboard and no mouse used; the locally-developed The Google Earth On Large Multi-touch system effectively harnesses sight, touch and intuition to create an amazing user experience. Zoom in and out with stretch and pinch gestures. Rotate the earth with horizontal swipes. Change the camera point of view with vertical swipes. So much easier to use than with a keyboard and mouse.

Many features available on Google Earth are on the Stardome display. Take a tour around planet Earth to the Stardome. Switch to Sky mode and view our entire solar system. It is easy to see other planets and galaxies in our solar system Change your view from Earth to the Moon and to Mars.

Google Earth On Large Multi-touch uses Google Earth Pro which can be licensed for use in public spaces. Google Earth on a large multi-touch display at Auckland Stardome is an innovative, possibly world-first, development by Auckland digital media company, The Complete Package Limited.

For further details, visit or talk to Kevin Wright, 64-9-360 1817