Wellington Web Design Studio says 'Simple is better'

Wednesday 23 September 2009, 11:05AM
By Doubleclique


Doubleclique is a website design studio based in Wellington, New Zealand. As dedicated website specialists, they focus on planning, design, development, hosting and ongoing maintenance of websites - with one fundamental difference: they think all this should be simple. 

A quick visit to their online portfolio will reveal that 'simple' doesn't mean 'basic'. In fact, it doesn't even mean minimalist or white; with nine years of web design and development experience, they've designed for some of the biggest brands in New Zealand - all of whom require unique visual interpretations and styles. With clients like Telecom, Weta and GIB - along with a range of more boutique brands and smaller start-up businesses, it's easy to see the breadth of website design and development expertise on offer. 

So, if it isn't just the way it looks, what is it that makes a website simple? According to Doubleclique, it's about giving the website user fewer, but better, choices. Reducing the level of complexity through the way the site is planned and structured can still result in any number of design treatments - but will also result in dramatically less clutter, and shorter, more relevant content. Quite simply, Doubleclique excel in ensuring a website is as simple as possible, but no simpler.

The Doubleclique team describe themselves as 'design led'. They say there's a huge difference between a custom designed and developed website, and the low-cost cookie-cutter approach of some so-called web design companies. A properly designed website is tailored specifically to the client. This means the website should combine the client's brand and message with a design and structure developed to meet their unique business needs. 

In practice, being 'design led' means the Doubleclique team is made up of a much higher proportion of designers to developers than is normal in a web design company. After a quick Google search of other website design companies, it would appear that many have a large development team, accompanied by one or two designers. Although Doubleclique also has a large development team, they also have a team of classically trained designers who focus solely on the design and usability of each website. Every phase of the design process is done hand in hand with the development team, to ensure that what is designed is able to be built - and that what is built matches what was designed. 

Although based in Wellington, Doubleclique is designing websites for companies all over New Zealand, and the world. They point to significant customer growth in the Auckland market, as well as projects in Australia and the United States as testament to the strength of the 'Simplify' message - and the ability to manage projects efficiently and deliver web design and development work remotely. 

All together, Doubleclique provides a refreshing approach that is both effective and easy to understand. Find out more at