Mainland Butter�s new deluxe gold packaging Mainland Butter�s new deluxe gold packaging CREDIT: Mainland

Mainland Butter Unveils a New Look

Tuesday 13 October 2009, 6:03PM
By Mainland

When passing the chiller at your local supermarket this week, you could be forgiven for thinking you are in Europe – with Mainland Butter’s new deluxe gold packaging.

The standout gold foil packaging, popular overseas, is a first for New Zealand butter and is the first step in the journey that will help to set Mainland apart from all other butters.

Although Mainland Butter has a new ‘outfit’, inside is still the same fresh butter taste we know and love, made of all-natural and 100% New Zealand ingredients.

Mainland Butter is premium Kiwi butter, the perfect choice for those who like to cook and bake with the best quality ingredients possible. Tips for using Mainland Butter:

  • Bring back the butter in your household this spring by using Mainland Butter to make delicious scones, muffins, cakes and pastries. There’s no substitute!
  • With asparagus and green beans now in season, it’s the perfect time to add a curl of Mainland Butter to your vegetables.
  • Another great vegetable tip is to brush potatoes, beans and carrots with a blend of melted butter, parsley, fresh mint and ginger.
  • Make your own garlic bread with Mainland Butter and crushed garlic. Just brush onto sliced French stick. Garlic butter is also great on a bit of steak and prawns over the warmer months.
  • Add butter and nutmeg to Spaghetti Bolognaise for a gourmet twist.

Mainland’s new butter packaging is now available in store at supermarkets nationwide.