Selling your property for part cash and part BarterZone Trade Dollars

Thursday 7 January 2010, 2:41PM
By Terry Cuthbert

Have you been trying to sell your property?

If you are trying to sell your property but cannot get the cash value as per your registered valuation maybe you could take part cash and part BarterZone Trade Dollars. How is this achieved? Barter Zone Ltd has members that regulary buy products,goods and services this way and we have had a huge influx of members wanting to sell their properties this way. The benefit of course is they maximise their position and get the premium for their property where the cash buyers won't pay their asking price. All properties are sold at registered valaution so there is no over inflation of the property price. When you recieve BarterZone Trade Dollars you have the ability to spend these with over 1000 BarterZone members nation wide. for products, goods and services for buying and selling real estate.

Consider the fees saved when buying and selling between BarterZone members as there are no Real Estate Agent fees . You only pay 4% including GST on the BarterZone Trade Dollar portion only.

Terry Cuthbert is available to discuss options  or mob 021 125 1987