Considered Using Trade Dollars To Offset Debt?

Friday 22 January 2010, 9:13AM
By Terry Cuthbert

We are in a reccession and now IRD want to tax us further on property investment and hike GST to all consumers across the board. Our dollar is getting stretched daily and businesses are struggling along with Joe Public on the street. Is there another way to help the cash flow issue?

Considered Using Trade Dollars?

BarterZone Ltd Trade Dollars are available to everyone not just businesses. For example you could get an interest free credit line with low transactional fees of only 5% inclusive of GST.

Lets say you have a debt to someone for $10,000 and can't pay them. You could approach BarterZone Ltd and raise an interest free credit line and of T$10,000 BarterZone Trade Dollars and offer it to your creditor.

You may want to get a equity out of your property the bank has said no! BarterZone could again help you here by giving you and interest free credit line with only 5% transactional fees.

Each party needs to be a member of the BarterZone exchange. You can register for free any time. Go to Enter Promo Code: terryc and join for free. You will even get T$50 BarterZone Trade Dollars free for registering.

How do you pay back the credit line?

To pay back a BarterZone Trade Dollars credit line just register your business or as an individual and offer your products, goods and services to other members so you can trade the credit line back, as other members will pay with part cash and part trade dollars, its that simple. You just get charged transactional fees only.

Consider TRADEME in a trade dollar sense

If you can use TRADEME with cash you can use BARTERZONE with both cash and trade dollars.

This is open to anyone and every business. If you want advice on BarterZone Trade Dollars and how it can help you and your business Terry Cuthbert from BarterZone is available to you.

Contact: Terry Cuthbert

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